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We have a really, really broad repertoire of songs. Classic and contemporary, indie, rock, pop, soul and more are all in the mix. Just press play and dance around the room; you know you want to…


Daft Punk. Pharrell. Nile Rodgers. What an amazing combination! We have a feeling that “Happy” is going to be a staple of our set for a few years to come. It’s a feel good modern classic, a total dance floor filler, a joy to play and we love it!

“Sex On Fire”

Indie classic “Sex on Fire” as performed by Four on the Floor. It’s with anthems like these that Ed comes into his own as a frontman. He and the rest of the guys will have you and your guests singing their hearts out to this seminal Kings of Leon track.

“Brown Eyed Girl”

Some say that no wedding and events band playlist is complete without Brown eyed girl, the classic Van Morrison song. Hopefully you’ll agree!

“Signed, Sealed, Delivered”

Have you ever noticed that some songs sound great no matter who is covering them? There’s a reason for that – because it’s a great song. And “Signed, sealed, delivered” was written by one of the best, Stevie Wonder. We reckon that our full band version sounds superb. Hopefully you’ll agree too!

“Mr. Brightside”

A quick question – would you like all of your guests – and we do mean ALL – jumping up and down on the dancefloor to the chorus of this song? Then hire FOUR ON THE FLOOR BAND and be sure to ask us to perform the Killers classic, “Mr. Brightside”. You won’t be disappointed.

“Jumpin’ Jack Flash”

Considering “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” was released in the 1960s’, it sounds incredibly fresh and modern to us. Requested at many weddings by both young and old(er) guests, when we play it, we challenge you not to move like Jagger.

“Hard days’ night”

“It’s been a hard days’ night, and I’ve been working like a dog…” The Beatles! If you believe that no wedding or party is complete without a Beatles song, then this is for you. A real end of the night sing along song, courtesy of Four on the Floor. Say no more!

“500 miles”

You didn’t expect us NOT to have 500 miles as part of our set, did you? We have seen some of the most sophisticated, well-heeled people we have ever played to join arms in a big circle and dance around like lunatics at the end of the night when we play this song.


It’s rocky, it’s indie, it’s shouty, and it’s cool. “I bet that you…” is the ultimate stomping tune for the groom, the best man, and the ushers. Oh, and not forgetting the bride, the bridesmaids, and everyone else, too.


Looking for a song that will fill the dance floor? “Chelsea dagger” is instantly recognisable. Watch your guests turn into the most enthusiastic dancers you have ever seen when we play this amazing tune.


The world would be a poorer place without The Beatles. “I saw her standing there” is a bona fide rock ‘n’ roll classic and we like to think that our version is absolutely cracking. But then, we are biased.


Too cheesy? We don’t think so. A song like “Play that funky music”, performed by a non-cheesy professional live band (that’s us) really brings out the funk at the heart of the tune. Trust us, you’ll love it!


It’s still a song that means a lot to people. The simplicity of the music and sincerity of the lyrics makes “Chasing cars” perfect for brides and grooms who wish to share a private moment with them and their guests.


Another modern indie classic. Everyone loves to sing along with the chorus of “Use somebody”. It may have something to do with there being no actual words in the chorus…whatever the reason, your guests will love it!


It’s true, there aren’t too many slow songs in our set. Normally, nothing clears the dance floor quicker than a slow song, but people seem to love our rendition of this Lumineers classic, so who are we to disagree?


It’s hard to believe that this song is over twenty years old! but with a killer riff and an ultra-cool feel, “Are you gonna go my way” is definitely a “I remember this song – let’s get on the dance floor!” moment for your guests.

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