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“So glad we chose Four on the Floor band to play at our wedding. It was just like having our own little summer festival! ” Sarah and Paul, wedding reception, Sutton Coldfield.

Four On The Floor West Midlands wedding band are guaranteed to make your wedding, party or any other event an unforgettable night! We have been trusted by hundreds of brides and grooms for live band + DJ music hire. Four on the Floor specialise in live band entertainment at small to mid-sized functions but we have also performed at large open air events in front of 4,000 people.

We call the music we play “dance floor friendly” – which means that you and your guests will want to get up and dance to the instantly recognisable classic and contemporary hits we perform (check out our brilliant playlist here). More than likely, you’ll spend the whole evening dancing and your friends won’t want the evening to end!

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“Every song sounded amazing, you got all of our guests dancing and we really loved your version of our first dance – it sounded just like the original!” Laura and Adams’ wedding, Botanical Gardens, Birmingham.

Four On The Floor are one of the most popular bands for hire in the West Midlands. As a local band we have gained a reputation for providing superb top quality live entertainment at weddings and other functions around the West Midlands (but you can also hire us to provide live entertainment for your wedding or party in Warwickshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire). Our live band line up of male vocals, guitar, bass and drums makes every song sound great! We provide a full live entertainment hire service which includes:

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“My dad fell off his chair when you quoted us – he’s just happy we have found a really good band at a good rate. You’d have to be bonkers to go through an entertainment agency when you guys are available!” Rebecca and her happy dad, wedding, Fairlawns hotel, Walsall.

  • versatile and entertaining live band
  • large playlist of classic and modern wedding music
  • 2 hours of indie, rock, pop, soul and much more
  • your first dance and song requests performed
  • additional DJ music at no additional cost
  • no entertainment agency fees
  • professional wedding musicians
  • great sound, 100% live – no backing tracks
  • no cheese guarantee!
  • sound and lighting system
  • public liability insurance
  • contract for stress-free booking
  • compact set up, perfect for small to midsize venues
  • a full dance floor!

Four On The Floor provide live wedding entertainment in the local area for just about any private hire event you can think of – weddings, village fetes, charity fundraising events through to summer festivals and large corporate events. In additional to performing our hearts out for your special day for up to two hours of live music, we also provide great DJ-style music, at no extra fee, which means that your whole evenings’ entertainment is taken care of. Excellent!

When looking for West Midlands wedding bands, make sure you hire a function band who are professional and affordable. Four on the Floor are one of the most popular wedding entertainment options in the West Midlands, performing up to 70 bookings per year. Brides and grooms who hire FOUR ON THE FLOOR are pleasantly surprised by our affordable fee – in fact we find that we are more cost effective than most West Midlands wedding bands.

From starting out as professional session musicians, we have developed into a highly entertaining and versatile live wedding band who are constantly in demand in the West Midlands. Hire a wedding band who are entertaining, have lots of onstage personality and energy, with a modern edgy sound and an eclectic playlist – FOUR ON THE FLOOR BAND! Hiring a professional local band can be a minefield, but here are some handy tips on making the right choice.

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“So that’s two weddings, a family reunion, a charity fundraiser AND we have recommended you to our friends for their daughters’ wedding. We’re thinking about getting divorced and remarrying just so that we can have you play again for us.” Steve and Andrea, only slightly exaggerating, various venues around the West Midlands over the last six years.

Should I hire a local band?

When we speak to brides, grooms and other party planners about their search for live wedding bands, the two things that are always mentioned are:

  • 1.)    We want to hire a band which can perform a wide mix of music.
  • 2.)    We want to hire a local band.

…both of which totally make sense. However, once you have decided to hire a local band, the next question to ask is – what kind of Midlands wedding bands should I hire? There are two types of wedding bands that advertise their services for wedding receptions, amateur pub bands and professional function bands. Which type is suitable for you? The answer to that of course depends on how important your quality of entertainment and keeping to your budget are to you.

Hiring a local pub band featuring amateur musicians may seem like a good idea at the outset. You may have seen a band perform at a pub and spoken to them about the prospect of hiring them to play at your wedding reception. You may love the idea of saving money by paying the band mates rates (or in beer!), but as some brides and grooms have discovered, hiring an amateur pub is false economy. Arriving late, forgetting instruments, playing inappropriate music, playing far too loud, getting drunk, behaving unprofessionally or cancelling at the last minute or all the sort of risks you may run if you cut corners by hiring a pub band. Of course, you may get lucky and find a band that performs and behaves well, but given that this is your big day and your guests and loved ones expect to be entertained, should you really take that chance?

Hiring local professional wedding bands means that you won’t be let down and you and your guests will be dancing all night to great music performed well. The downside of course is that professional wedding musicians are going to cost more than amateur bands – sometimes a lot more. The name of the game for many professional bands for weddings is to squeeze as much money form you as possible, and even if they do entertain your guests all night, it’s going to be at the cost of your entertainment budget. Often these bands have bronze, silver and gold packages; a sliding scale of services with incremental increases in prices. They may offer various line ups, starting with the bare bones of a party band, a 3 piece, 4 piece or 5 piece which doesn’t sound too good, right the way through an eight or nine piece band which is very expensive and probably won’t fit into the performance area of your wedding venue without encroaching on the dancefloor.   

Should I hire a wedding band through an entertainment agency?

OK, so we’re going to let you into a wedding industry secret – many of the local professional function bands you have found online aren’t local. Even if they say perform in the area, they’re not based in the West Midlands but will come from Manchester or London. So while you may think you’re hiring a local band, you’re not. This will quickly become apparent when you ask for a quote and realise that the musicians are charging you travel and accommodation costs, clearly something that only a non-local party band is going to do.

This is of course because the band wants you to hire them, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, being a little more truthful would definitely help. But it may be that the function band itself doesn’t have a say in being presented as based in the Midlands, because they are being managed by an entertainment agency. For proof of this, just take a look at what happens when you Google “West Midlands wedding band”: we’re betting that the first few search results are entertainment agencies, business whose websites market literally hundreds of bands from across the UK. They’re trying to catch your eye and get you to hire one of their overpriced wedding bands. If you are looking for local wedding entertainment then it’s probably best not to hire a band through an entertainment agency.      

Fortunately, four on the floor are all based in Birmingham and the Black country. Hiring a local band is a good idea, because you know that lads from the midlands are going to be down to earth, funny, accommodating and definitely not divas! You can hire us from this website and talk to us direct without the hassle and added expense of having to go through a third party. 

Will a local band perform my song requests?

In the rush of excitement to hire a wedding band, our advice would be to check the full set list of the band you are interested in having as your West Midlands wedding entertainment. We say that because some bands may place their most popular few songs at the top of their set list, and based on those few songs, it’s all too easy to make the assumption that the rest of the bands’ setlist is of the same calibre – popular music that will get your guests dancing and hire the bands based on those few songs. Scroll down the list of songs a little further however and you may get the distinct impression that there is “more filler than killer” – meaning the repertoire seems to feature a few well known songs and a whole heap of song titles you don’t recognise.

If you do find that the function band you are interested in hiring appears to like performing songs the names of which you don’t recognise, don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’s probably just the song titles that don’t seem familiar, but you will know them when you hear them. It’s more likely that your first instinct is correct, and the midlands wedding bands’ set list does feature many obscure songs. The question is of course, why would a band which is advertising themselves as suitable to perform on your wedding day in the West Midlands playing songs which are unlikely to get your guests dancing?

The answer is simple – they don’t want to play popular songs.  While this may seem counterintuitive, there could be several reasons. If they are a band featuring quite young musicians, there is a strong likelihood that in addition to them marketing themselves as a wedding band, they are also playing on the original music circuit, where a band performing their own compositions will slip in a couple of covers similar to the style of their original music. In this situation, it’s unlikely that this type of band will be happy learning more classic “party” songs – the kind of music you know that some of your guests will like, because it may make them feel like they have sold out.

Will my band cancel?

If that sounds ridiculous, it is, but there is a more serious problem in hiring indie musicians playing in an original band who also happen to perform at a few weddings –summer festivals.  The bride and groom who have gone ahead and hired this type of band for their June / July / August wedding may well get the dreaded phone call from the band leader a couple of months before their big day to say that they can no longer perform on their wedding day because they have been accepted onto the line up of a summer festival. It’s not uncommon; the ultimate goal of quite a few younger bands is to promote their own music, which is fine, but it often means letting wedding parties down.

At the other end of the spectrum, you may feel that when it comes to playing the music you and your guests like, you are on safer ground with wedding bands that features older musicians – after all, they will be more experienced and will be open to learning song requests, right? Not necessarily so. It’s more likely that they will have settled into their roles and don’t feel that they should have to step outside their comfort zones to learn the songs you would like them to play. It’s an unfortunate outlook; if you are going to be paying them to perform for you, surely you have the right to expect them to learn and perform songs you would like them to play. If they are expecting to be paid for their services, then they certainly should play at least some of your song requests, but they may well flatly refuse – it does happen. So, for brides and grooms who want to hire one of the wedding bands West Midlands has to offer, performing a wide range of music, what’s the best option?

Indie pop rock soul and more!

FOUR ON THE FLOOR are the perfect mixture of a young band of surprisingly experienced professional musicians dedicated to only performing a surprisingly wide range of music at wedding receptions, parties and business events in and around the west midlands. Once you have hired us, we won’t cancel on you. It’s as simple as that.

Take a look at the FOUR ON THE FLOOR band set list – you and your guests are likely to recognise all of the music we perform straight away, because we don’t play anything that’s too obscure or unsuitable. We’re also happy for you to request songs for us to perform, so in addition to us learning and performing your first dance, be sure to ask your guests to think of songs they would like us to play (both for band and DJ set lists), because one of the best ways for a function band to get your guests dancing is for them to play the music they have requested!

Rock pop indie rock n roll soul folk and more is all part of our playlist, and we will always perform a wide mix of music, in a high energy style but you get to choose the songs. So if you like our mix of music and want to hire local musicians as your wedding band, get in touch! Call us on 0796 433 5657 or use the Contact form at the bottom of this page and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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