At The Reception

Midweek wedding receptions – they’re becoming very popular. We have played several in the past few months, two of which at lovely Wroxall Abbey. Graham and Anna chose to hire FOUR ON THE FLOOR BAND after having seen us perform in July 2013 in Leicestershire.

As usual, we arrived in plenty of time, and also as usual, the wedding breakfast and speeches overran. But that’s fine – as a professional band with hundreds of gigs under our collective belts, we know that waiting is all part of the job.

Sound Checking The Live Music

When everyone was ready, we loaded in and set up our equipment, sound checked, and before long it was show time. We played 2 x 1 hour live band sets; a great mix of classic and modern songs (weighted a little more towards contemporary music sue to the age range of Graham and Annas’ guests), and we also provided DJ-style music, too.

Did the bride and groom enjoy themselves? You betcha. Graham told us, “thank for everything, we’ve had a brilliant night. You sound great and the choice of songs was spot on. So nice to see so many people on the dance floor!”

Does that sound like a good night to you? If so, get in touch here – we’d love to hear from you!