Birmingham. The UKs’ second city. Often maligned, people who live here know that it has a lot going for it. With an industrial heritage second to none, we have a canal network which has seen substantial gentrification in the last two decades, hand in hand with a completely transformed city centre boasting a myriad of retail opportunities and services. When it comes to the wedding entertainment industry, brides and grooms looking to hire Birmingham wedding bands appear to be spoilt for choice – a simple Google search of “wedding band Birmingham” reveals pages and pages of live bands and entertainment agencies based in Birmingham and the larger west Midlands area. We are truly blessed!

Well…yes, and no. The simple fact is that all is not as it seems. If you have searched for wedding bands based in Birmingham, you will no doubt be looking for a local band. Maybe it’s because you want to hire your wedding services locally or you are proud of the area you live in, but whatever the reason, you would logically expect for the Google search you have tried will show local results. Unfortunately, probably more than half of the live bands or entertainment agencies you are seeing listed on the first couple of pages of Google aren’t from Birmingham, the greater Birmingham area or even the West Midlands. Instead they have paid someone to advertise themselves as being an appropriate result for the Google search you have made. So while the band you have found may perform in Birmingham, in reality they may be based in Leicester, or Manchester, or even London.

Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with hiring an “out of town” live band for your wedding reception, birthday party or business function – after all, FOUR ON THE FLOOR BAND do perform further afield than the West Midlands. However, given that you have your reasons for wanting to hire a local band, let it be known that that’s what we are. We are based in and around Birmingham. We know the area well and have performed at many of the function venues you will find in Birmingham and the West Midlands, including Highbury Hall in Moseley, Rowheath Pavilion in Bourneville, Fazeley Studios in Digbeth, Berrow Court and the Plough and Harrow in Edgbaston, the Banqueting Suite and the Council House in the city centre, as well as the Marriott, Hotel du Vin, Vox Resorts and the Hilton Metropole, and quite a few others.

There are of course advantages in hiring a local band to perform at your Birmingham wedding reception – though professional function bands will factor journey time in to any booking they have, regardless of how far they have to travel to perform for you, there’s nothing quite like the peace of mind of knowing that the band that you have hired only have to travel a short distance to your wedding venue; so while you’re trying to concentrate on listening to the speeches being made by your loved one sat the wedding breakfast, you won’t be thinking “I hope the band aren’t stuck in traffic on the motorway!” Even if a local band does get stuck in traffic, they are of course still likely to arrive on time as they have less distance to travel. They will also have the advantage of knowing the area and will be more confident taking an alternative route to get to you.

The other major benefit of hiring a local band is that there is a good chance that they will be more cost effective than hiring a band from another part of the country. If you do get wedding performance quotes from non-local bands, you will find that they will be charging an extra fee for travel; they may charge for accommodation or ask you to arrange and pay for accommodation yourselves – what a hassle! Some bands from further afield may even not really want to travel to perform for you and quote you a ridiculous fee in order to price themselves out of contention, preferring instead to hold out for a more local booking. Not only is this bad business practice, but we think it’s downright rude, too.

All of which points to one clear fact – if you can, hire locally. Not only are FOUR ON THE FLOOR a local band, we are professional musicians, meaning that we are entertaining and reliable. This is our job, and we treat it accordingly. We are polite, courteous and will always provide bride and grooms with the best possible live entertainment experience. We will liaise with both you and your venue in advance to ensure that we have taken care of all of the relevant details in advance, including the best time to arrive, where we will be setting up and most appropriate timings, as well as any song requests you would like us to learn. Our compact set up means that we won’t take up too much space, leaving plenty of room for your guests to dance, and we’ll get set up quickly, too.

Here’s what to expect when you hire FOUR ON THE FLOOR BAND:

–          Two hours of classic and contemporary “get up and dance” music

–          Rock, indie, pop, soul and more

–          Professional four piece band featuring male vocals, guitar, bass and drums

–          Modern non-cheesy sound

–          Additional DJ-style music sets played before, in-between and after the band sets

–          Sound system and lights

–          Requests performed by the band

–          Entertainment until the end of the night

–          More affordable than a large events band

–          No entertainment agency fees when you hire us direct

“Thank you so much for playing at our wedding reception at Highbury Hall. All the music you played sounded absolutely amazing and it was great to see your singer on the dance floor getting people up to dance. We had so much fun!” Rebecca and Adam, wedding reception, Highbury Hall, Birmingham, 2019

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