Birmingham Wedding Band

So, your Google search for “wedding bands Birmingham” or “wedding band Birmingham” has led you to FOUR ON THE FLOOR. Congratulations – you have found a real live Birmingham wedding band, performing at wedding reception throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands. Brides and grooms who hire FOUR ON THE FLOOR as their Birmingham wedding band tell us that we are exactly what they are looking for; performing 2 hours of live wedding band music including indie hits, classic rock, the modern charts plus mini sets of soul, funk and folk, and they love our edgy and authentic live band sound.

  • Local Birmingham wedding band
  • Professional wedding musicians
  • Indie, rock, pop, soul, folk and more
  • Great live sound
  • 2 hours of live band music + additional DJ music
  • Non-stop entertainment
  • Affordable fee
  • Sound system and lights
  • Song requests performed by the band
  • No cheese guarantee
  • Music to keep your dance floor full!

Hire a Birmingham wedding band direct

You can hire FOUR ON THE FLOOR BAND as your Birmingham wedding band direct through this website – there’s no need to go through the costly process of hiring Birmingham wedding bands from an entertainment agency, which has got to be good news, right? You have probably seen the type of websites we’re talking about, featuring dozens of bands in Birmingham for weddings who all seem to look and sound the same. Hire a wedding band through an agency and it will always cost you a lot more than if you hire a Birmingham wedding band direct, so it totally makes sense to make a note of this website, take a look at our videos and listen to our music.

We like to think that we have gotten the mix of music for your wedding reception just right. There’s plenty for you to choose from – classic rock, indie hits, pop and much more. When it comes to putting together the music, you’re in charge! We’re happy to take your song requests, even if it means us learning some new songs, and it will all be professionally sequenced to keep that party atmosphere going all night. And you don’t need to hire a separate DJ service – we’ll play DJ music for you before, during and after the live band music, free of charge!  

When it comes to wedding bands Birmingham has plenty to choose from, but we like to think of ourselves an authentic live band with a little more character. We have a distinct sound which sets us apart from other bands, and this comes from starting out an original band – we honed our live sound performing locally, before performing locally at a wedding reception. We quickly realised that brides and grooms were looking for an alternative to the slightly bland sounds created by the wedding bands in Birmingham put together by wedding entertainment agencies, and since then we have been creating full dance floors at wedding receptions throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Birmingham Wedding Band

Bands in Birmingham for weddings

FOUR ON THE FLOOR have been described as a wedding band that sounds like a summer festival band, and we think that’s a perfect description! It means that we have a sound similar to indie bands, but with the focus on a playlist to suit all tastes. Brides and grooms love our onstage energy and our vocalist has a unique sound with a powerful voice, all of which will make your evening one to remember.

Bands in Birmingham for weddings should be able to accommodate a wide variety of musical tastes that reflect that of your guests, but by now you may have become aware that some wedding bands in Birmingham may not do that. Looking at their playlists, it seems as if they are just playing the music they want to play! We’re not sure how successful your wedding reception would be if you hire a Birmingham wedding band who insist on only performing the songs they like without playing your song requests.

Fortunately, as a versatile live Birmingham covers band FOUR ON THE FLOOR featuring professional wedding musicians, we know that it takes a little more effort to ensure that all of your guests stay on the dance floor, all night. Firstly, a band which intends to entertain you and your guests needs to be able to perform the music that your guests want to hear, and there are two ways of doing this – play a broad cross section of music that you will recognise, and take song requests. That sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it?

Can I hire the Birmingham band direct?

For some Birmingham wedding bands, it appears that having a varied playlist including different genres of music and learning song requests is a little too hard. What you might not realise is that this is probably a tell tale sign that the band has been hastily assembled by a wedding entertainment agency and features musicians who may not perform together frequently, or at all. When you do find wedding bands in Birmingham you like the sound of, it’s always best to ask a few questions:  

  • Can I hire the Birmingham band direct or do I have to pay more and go through an entertainment agency?
  • Will the band play my song requests and will they charge extra for this?
  • Does the band perform together regularly?
  • Will the band provide a DJ music service for free?
  • Are the band based locally or will they charge me for travelling into the area to perform?

You can hire Birmingham wedding band FOUR ON THE FLOOR direct. We won’t charge you any additional agency fees, or extra fees for DJ music, learning song requests or travelling. We perform at wedding receptions regularly, which means that we look and sound confident onstage, and all the music we play will get you and your guests on the dance floor, which is why you’re looking to hire a wedding band in the West Midlands, right?

Call us direct on 0796 433 5657 or contact us here.