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West Midlands wedding, party and function private hire band.

When it comes to wedding bands the West Midlands seems to have a lot to offer. A Google search for “wedding bands West Midlands” or “bands in West Midlands for weddings” will show lots of local West Midlands wedding bands advertising their services. The problem is that many of these bands aren’t local – take a closer look and you will discover that they will be based outside the West Midlands. They might be happy to perform as your West Midlands wedding band, but they will charge you extra for travel and maybe even accommodation!


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Superb live wedding band music plus additional DJ music.

Because finding a cost effective West Midlands wedding band is important to you, FOUR ON THE FLOOR perform up to 2 hours of live band music AND also provide DJ music at no extra cost. There’s no sliding scale of charges or no packages, just a great live wedding band and DJ music before, inbetween and after the live band sets. It’s non-stop entertainment for you and your guests from the first song until the end of the night without having to hire any additional costly services.


Wedding bands West Midlands

Rock, indie, pop, folk, soul and more.

Your guests are going to have a wide range of musical tastes. Professional West Midlands wedding bands know that the key to a full dance floor is performing a multi-genre playlist, so the FOUR ON THE FLOOR repertoire features music from the 1960s to the modern charts, including rock, pop, indie, soul, folk and much more. There’s something for everyone and because we regularly perform as a West Midlands wedding band, all the music we play sounds great.


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Compact set up.

With FOUR ON THE FLOOR BAND you’ll never have to worry about space. Our compact set up features top of the range equipment specifically designed for the small to midsized venue (up to 500 guests), and as a four piece band there’ll be plenty of space for your guests to dance with no cables or speakers in the way. Not all bands in the West Midlands for wedding receptions can say the same.


Wedding bands in the West Midlands

You wouldn’t believe…

…some of the unusual song requests we have received. Sometimes it’s a first dance curveball; or it might be a bridesmaids’ special song. We relish a challenge of learning a unique, different song and being take out of our comfort zone, and as professional musicians we pride ourselves on making every song we play sound the best it can be. Some wedding bands in the West Midlands may charge you extra for learning new songs, but FOUR ON THE FLOOR are happy to take a look at learning and performing your first dance and any other song requests you may have, free of charge.


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Structuring your evening.

We’re the perfect guys to ask how to structure your evening. We normally suggest playing 2 x 1 hour sets either side of your evening food, with DJ music (which we’ll provide for you free of charge) before and inbetween the live band sets. But we’re also happy to work with whatever timings you have in mind, too.


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Been there, done that.

As we’re a highly experienced and versatile West Midlands wedding band, there’s a good chance we have played at your venue previously. But as each performance room is different in terms of shape, size and acoustics, and we’ll work out how to achieve the best sound so that everyone will be able to hear us but we won’t be too loud. Venue owners love the fact that we liaise with them in advance and work with their requirements to ensure that your wedding party goes ahead stress-free.


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Is there anyone out there?

Because we’re so brilliantly talented and amazingly good looking, our reputation precedes us and we’re often asked to perform at events outside the area. If you’re holding your function outside the West Midlands, we’ll be happy to travel to you and you’ll find our fee is very competitive compared to your local professional bands, too.


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No cheating.

There’s nothing quite like having hiring a great live West Midlands wedding band. Unlike some wedding bands in the West Midlands, we don’t need to use cheesy backing tracks or additional musicians to bolster our live sound. Do we sound as good live as we do in our recorded samples? YES! We don’t autotune our vocals and we’re 100% live so the full sound you hear is the result of relentless gigging and attention to detail. In other words, we kick a**.


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No way.

We do not cancel. Once you’ve hired FOUR ON THE FLOOR BAND, you won’t need to find another band. As a professional band our reputation is based on our ability to fulfil the bookings we have agreed to perform. And like other service providers, we always provide clients with a contract for peace of mind.


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And stress free is the way to be.

We provide timely and informative responses to any questions you may have, and as, it’s probably your first time hiring a band for a wedding reception or party and you’ll be busy organising your big day so with this in mind we’ll run through the schedule for the evening, song requests and everything else well in advance. Panic over!


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Highly experienced and versatile.

FOUR ON THE FLOORs’ professional musicians are constantly in demand and have recorded and performed with some of the UKs’ top recording artists. It’s this level of experience and versatility that we’ll bring to your event, resulting in a truly superb nights’ entertainment that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

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