Live band or DJ?

It’s the age-old question for wedding couples – should I hire a live band or a DJ? On the surface, it’s an open and shut case. If you’re a clubber, you hire a DJ. If you’re a gigger, you hire a live band. Horses for courses, right? DJs are for people who want the soundtrack of their summer hols to also be the soundtrack of their wedding, whereas a live band is for the summer festival brigade, the crowd who descend on Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, Download and so on. That’s just the way it is, so you either hire a DJ or a live band for your wedding reception.

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Except that it’s not quite that simple, is it. Your life may revolve around live gigs; the visceral power of the drummers’ bass drum in your chest and the roar of guitars, but you may also be partial to a bit of commercial dance. Similarly, maybe you couldn’t imagine your life without dance music but you are also partial to some great indie tunes. If you feel like this, your friends probably do, too; and what about your family? Are you sure that hiring just a DJ or a live band is going to please everyone on your guest list?

Should I hire a live band or a DJ?

Fortunately, you can have the best of both worlds. If your venue and entertainment are large enough, you could hire both a DJ and a live band. Of course, you would have to ensure that both band and DJ know when each other are playing, and make sure they’re not fighting over space when they arrive to set up.

It would also make sense to take a look at both band and DJs’ playlists – you wouldn’t want them to be repeating the same songs as each other. And given that the live band will perform around 30 or more songs and the DJ is likely to play over 50 songs during the night, that’s over 80 songs you will personally have to vet in advance. Hopefully you will have the time to do this in between all your other wedding or party preparations…

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You’ll be happy to know that there is another way. If you are looking to Hire a Wedding band for your reception, birthday parties and business functions around the West Midlands, FOUR ON THE FLOOR offer a one-stop-shop: a superb live band with a non-cheesy feel AND DJ-style music at no extra cost!

It’s a great way of solving the band or DJ conundrum – we will provide mixed DJ-style music before, in between and after our band sets and until the end of the night with no gaps or embarrassing silences, which means that the party vibe you want carries on from the first ‘til the last song.

It also means that if your venue has limited space, there is just one set of equipment so your guests will still have plenty of room on the dance floor.

It also means a much quicker set up, so that if your wedding breakfast and speeches are running late, you are still likely to have entertainment on time. And best of all – hiring a live band who also provide DJ-style music keeps your entertainment budget on track.

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One more thing to consider – if you really love your music, you have probably created a Spotify playlist. FOUR ON THE FLOOR BAND will be more than happy to play your playlist using our top of the range sound and lighting system. Asking a DJ to do the same may not get the reaction you would have hoped for…

There’s only one thing better than the “wow” factor of having a professional live band performing for your guests on your big day, and that’s finding out that the band can take care of the DJ sets for you too. So with that in mind, contact FOUR ON THE FLOOR and see how we can make your party a great night for everyone!