Parties and Events Band – Four on the Floor!

You’re throwing a party?

Excellent! Whatever the occasion, it makes sense to look at hiring professional Birmingham Parties and Events bands providing great live entertainment with that “wow” factor – a band what will perform two hours of superb classic and contemporary live music plus additional DJ music and will add real value to your party or business function. Guess what? That’s FOUR ON THE FLOOR BAND.

Party bands? Aren’t they cheesy?

Wait – a party band doesn’t necessarily have to be cheesy.

Sure, there are plenty of old, outdated cheesy types of entertainment out there, from DJs talking all over the music through to solo singers warbling all over with awful sounding backing tracks, and of course not forgetting the ultimate in cheese – the “fun party and function band” – usually six or seven anonymous musicians fronted by an X-Factor-style reject who tries – and fails – to sound like Mariah Carey.

You get the idea. But there’s good news. It doesn’t have to be this way. FOUR ON THE FLOOR are the type of parties and events band who are a million miles away from the old party band cliché. We’re more like the best band you ever saw play at your favourite music festival, but playing just for your and your friends, loved ones and guests.

We have a big sound without being too loud and have great stage persona without needing a stage to perform on. We’ll create superb positive memories and leave you with hoarse voices and aching feet. Now doesn’t that sound good?

Parties and Events

Convince me.

OK, we get it. If you’re planning a party or function, your first instinct may be to look at hiring a DJ or your friend who plays a bit of guitar. And that’s great if you’re happy to compromise on entertainment for your guests.

Of course, your budget may not stretch to hiring anyone else, and that’s fine. But think for a minute – if you’re planning to entertain your guests, are you really happy to compromise with amateur entertainment when your budget could stretch to hiring one of the most versatile, entertaining and professional bands performing in the UK today, creating amazing positive memories for everyone present?

You can do this.

It’s actually not that hard – we’ll take care of everything for you. Really. The songs. The timings. The sound system. The lights. The song requests. We’ll create the structure for the evening for you.

This is what a professional band should do and you have the right to expect all of the above. This is our job – we play lots of bookings every year and in addition to providing amazing live entertainment we are also well versed in all organisational aspects, from the first phone call to the very last. All you have to do is turn up ready for one of the best nights’ entertainment of your lives!

What do I need to know?

Good question. Well, let’s start by talking about the music you’d like to hear. All of the songs we play are instantly recognisable and designed to keep the dance floor full all night, but we’re happy to take a look at any requests you might like to suggest.

Hey, it’s your party – you get to choose! Oh and by the way, talking about the dance floor, while it’s true that quite a lot of party bands require a stage or 20ft or more of performance space for their equipment, we’re able to set up in much smaller spaces, so you don’t need to worry. You may also find that your venue has a sound limiter installed.

Without going into technical details, many modern party venues want to ensure that bands play at a volume acceptable to their neighbours, and have a system installed whereby if the band plays above a certain volume, the power to the room is cut. Oh no! Luckily FOUR ON THE FLOOR are past masters at performing with these little devices so you won’t have any problems with volume of the band.

Why hire FOUR ON THE FLOOR as your Parties and Events band?

• FOUR ON THE FLOOR are a great party band with a reputation for performing superb non-cheesy live music at parties around the West Midlands and further afield. You can hire the band to play at your:

  • birthday party
  • anniversary party
  • office party
  • christmas party
  • university summer party
  • street party
  • festival

If you are searching for a live parties and events band for your party or function, FOUR ON THE FLOOR are definitely a great option! You’ll love our wide mix of classic and contemporary live music and the fact that we can also provide DJ music for you at no extra cost! No matter what your function is, no matter the age range of your guests, or the style of music you prefer, talk to us – we’ll provide you with classy, professional, versatile live entertainment that you’ll be talking about for a long time.

If you have been searching for a party band for hire, here’s something to think about:

We’re a full time, professional band. Unlike many other party bands, we dedicate a lot more time to ensuring we present the best possible show and we always surpass expectations.

Questions? You still have questions? All you need to do is call us direct on 0796 433 5657. There’s no agency involved – you’ll be able to talk to use direct.

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