Playing Live Music For A Private Party

Most of our bookings are either wedding receptions or business events, but every now and then we receive a request to perform for someone hosting a private party.

Peter and Shirley, living in Knowle, are two such people. However, as they are very, VERY successful in their line of work, they chose to throw a party for friends and family for no partiular reason – just because they can.

Friends were flown in. Limousines were hired. You get the picture. No pressure on us then! In their converted barn, which is actually a bespoke performance venue in its’ own right, we set up, played, and had the time of our lives. And so did Peter and Shirleys’ guests. Lots of fun was had by all, so thanks to one of the nicest couple of people we have ever met – we look forward to playing for you again next year!

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