Seeing double in Northamptonshire

//Seeing double in Northamptonshire

Seeing double in Northamptonshire

A Professional Function Band Like No Other

Here’s an interesting fact: though we’re based in the West Midlands, as a professional function band we’re in demand UK wide. Hence, we recently performed at the wedding reception of John and Jennifer in the lovely surroundings of Kettering Park Hotel in leafy Northamptonshire. The bride and groom apparently found our website first, had a good look at our videos and songlist, checked out many other bands…and came back to Four on the Floor. It seems that, try as they might, they couldn’t find another band that performed such a broad range of music and sounded so damn good! Far be it for us to disagree…

…anyway, when the time came to start setting up our equipment in Rutland suite at the hotel, we approached John to introduce ourselves and double check timings, first dance, etc (something we had done via email and by phone with John anyway, but it always pays to confirm face to face as well). But John momentarily had a quizzical look on his face. Had we made a mistake? Were we at the right venue? Had we arrived too early? Were they expecting a different band?

None of the above. It turns out that John has an identical twin, and we had approached him instead of the groom. A common mistake! Laughter ensued…we approached the real John, ran through details, set up and sound checked, and at the appropriate time gathered family and friends around the edge of the dance floor. We then called bride and groom onto the dance floor and launched into the first dance, “The one” by Kodaline, followed by two sets of superb sounding dance floor friendly live music.

Of course, everyone loved our sound and the fact that we kept everyone on the dance floor all night. As the last song played, Jennifer and John left the building, waved off by friends, family and loved ones. At least, we assume that it was John whisking Jennifer away, and not his twin…

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