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Award winning West Midlands wedding band hire!

West Midlands wedding band hire

We have just been informed that FOUR ON THE FLOOR have been voted one of the best local wedding bands in the area! Awards website “Bestrated.co.uk” received anonymous reviews and ratings for products and services throughout the West Midlands. Unbeknown to us, brides and grooms have who hired us to perform for them have over the past couple of years been submitting feedback to Bestrated about our performances, and this is the result!

Based on these nominations, FOUR ON THE FLOOR have qualified. We’d love to be able to thank everyone who very kindly took the time and effort to share their thoughts, but as the process takes place “behind closed doors”, we will just bask in the glory!

We would like to think however that it was a mixture of our great live modern edgy sound, our extensive playlist, onstage energy and down to earth approach to performing for brides, grooms, party planners and their guests around the West Midlands, getting people on the dance floor and keeping them there that prompted the votes for us.

It really does make sense to hire us as your West Midlands wedding band. We are more cost effective than hiring a large party band or a band from outside the area, and our extensive playlist of rock, indie, pop, soul and more means that there is something for everyone.

People who hire FOUR ON THE FLOOR tell us that we don’t really sound like a traditional wedding band (you know, the type of bands who are a little too cheesy), and we think that means that there’s an authenticity to our performance which makes each song sound like it’s being played by a real band. Add to this our free DJ-style music service and you have the perfect West Midlands wedding band!

For available dates and a quick quote, get in touch! Tel: 0796 433 5657 / Email: weddingbandpartymusic@hotmail.co.uk

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  • Everyone else on […]
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Celtic Manor…the very name conjures up an ancient stately building, a princely ancestral homeland sitting atop a Welsh mountain. Well, not quite – it’s actually a modern five star luxury hotel spa and golf venue situated in Newport; so the Welsh part is right. It also caters to wedding parties and business […]

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