If you have found the FOUR ON THE FLOOR BAND website, there’s a good chance that you are looking for live wedding entertainment for your big day, birthday party, company event or graduation ball. There’s also a good chance that you are pulling out clumps of your hair in exasperation, trying to find that elusive great-sounding band who don’t charge an absolute fortune for their service!

You may have started searching online with the best of intentions but have quickly gotten bogged down in a mass of Google search results displaying literally hundreds of live bands, most of whom seem to offer the same wedding entertainment service together with ridiculous boasts about being the best live wedding band in the history of the world, ever.

The problem of course is choice – how to choose which of these bands are going to be suitable to provide great Wedding Entertainment.

Here’s our set of ten handy wedding entertainment tips to help you decide:

1.) Style of music. Are you looking for a band that concentrates on one or two genres of music, such as indie or soul, or would a band which plays music from the 1960s to the modern charts be better?

2.) Wedding Entertainment for your guests. Do your guests have the same musical tastes, or as is often the case, do they like different styles of music? Asking your guests to requests a song for the band is a great idea because not only does it help you see if there’s a good match between the requests and the bands’ playlist but it also involves your guests, and that’s got to be a good thing.

3.) Budget. Unless you have limited resources, some of the bands you find will unfortunately be beyond your budget. But it’s still worthwhile requesting quotes from various bands to see what they offer and whether their fees are within your price range.

4.) Where are the band travelling from? It’s far better to find a local band which don’t have too far to travel – hire a band from London or Manchester and you can expect to pay more than a West Midlands band, and hiring a local wedding entertainment band means that you won’t have the stress of discovering they’re still stuck on the motorway an hour after they said they would arrive!

5.) What’s included. Most bands will provide all the equipment they will need to perform for you, but they may not provide DJ-style music which will probably need to be played during the times they aren’t performing (usually before your guests arrive, in-between their sets and after they finish). Some bands offer a DJ-style music service but will ask you to pay extra for it.

6.) The sound of the band. It’s an obvious point to make, but do the band sound good? Take a listen to their online music and videos and get a feel for their style. Does the vocalist have a strong voice? The other musicians put on a good show or do they just lurk around in the background? They may sound good, but will they put on a good enough show of your wedding entertainment for your guests?

7.) The look of the band. If you’re happy for your band to perform in jeans and T-shirts, that’s fine, but as your guests may well be dressing up for the occasion (especially if you are hosting your wedding reception), you would expect the band to dress smartly, too.

8.) Can you see the band play live? It may not be immediately obvious, but bands who play in public are usually amateur bands (as opposed to professional bands who perform at private hire functions), and while amateur bands can be great in a pub-style environment, they may be too loud or unreliable to be suitable for a wedding reception or business event!

9.) Insurance. Not wedding insurance, but public liability insurance (PLI), which any band or entertainer MUST have in order to allow them to perform at private hire event. Make sure you ask to see a copy of the bands’ insurance before you hire them – if they don’t have PLI, our venue will not let them through the front door, which will mean a very quiet wedding reception!

10.) A contract. Yes, you absolutely have the right to ask the band you hire to provide you with an entertainment service contract. Presumably you have a contract with your venue and other service providers, and band should be no different. This is another good reason for hiring a professional band.

If any or all of the above has given you a headache, fear not – FOUR ON THE FLOOR are one of the best bands from the midlands, we are a West Midlands-based professional wedding entertainment function band with a very broad playlist of classic rock, indie, pop, soul and a lot more, playing music from the 1960s to modern charts, your wedding entertainment will certainly be one your guests remember.

We’re happy to take requests from you and your guests (we don’t charge any extra for learning new songs) and when you ask us for a quote you are likely to be pleasantly surprised that we are more affordable than most of the other professional bands. We’ll provide you with full service wedding entertainment, including 2 x 1 hour sets or 3 x 40 minutes sets of live band music, with DJ-style music (at no extra cost) before, in-between and after our sets, keeping that party atmosphere going until the end of the night.

People who hire FOUR ON THE FLOOR tell us that they love our classic live band sound combined with the strong and edgy vocal style of our singer which makes all the songs we play sound authentic. They also love our on-stage energy.

We are fully insured, always provide clients with a wedding entertainment contract AND because we are a four piece band we are suitable for West Midlands venues where space means that a large band will simply be too big to fit into the performance area.

That’s it. Now check out our music and videos, and feel free to contact us on 0796 433 5657. We’re confident that we’ll provide you and your guests with an unforgettable nights’ entertainment!

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