Need a Wedding Band? We Can Help!

Wedding Bands Midlands For Your Function

The general consensus is that in 2017 you will spend at least 300 hours planning your big day, sorting out your dress, flowers, venue, and a million other things, and you will also spend a good deal of time looking for the perfect wedding entertainment!.

wedding bands midlands for the newly weds

The fact that you are on our site, and indeed reading this page means that live wedding bands midlands is top of your considerations for your entertainment, and chances are you have discovered when it comes to wedding bands, there are literally hundreds to choose from.

So you might ask, how can I differentiate and make sure I am picking the right band for my wedding?

We can help you get a little further forward on your journey, have a look at these handy tips!

Don’t go with the first one you find, have a look around and make sure you take everything into consideration:

  • How do they sound live? – You can try get to one of their gigs, or if that’s not an option most bands have a video online that you can check out, it should give you an idea of the quality of their music when playing live.
  • Do they cover the area your reception will be held in? – Not all bands cover all of the UK, some will only play within a specific area of where they are based.
  • Will they give you a contract to ensure your rights are safeguarded?
  • Will they be ok for the venue you have booked, for instance a small venue probably wouldn’t benefit from having an 8 piece wedding band and all of their equipment, if indeed they could fit in the space allocated for them.
  • Not all bands are created equal! – You might have seen a band playing in your local pub and thought they sounded great, this doesn’t necessarily mean they have the right diversity and set list of music to cover a wedding, the key to being a successful band is having a wide range of songs from all eras, the classic hits to modern music.

Four on the Floor band are wedding specialists! We have a large range of songs (you can check out our Playlist HERE) and are prepared to look at playing any requests you might have that aren’t on there, we give you a terms of service contract to ensure your rights are safeguarded and we cover all of England, Scotland and Wales,  we are happy to be amongst some of the most sought after acts currently performing at weddings in the UK today.

If you would like to book us please call us directly on 0796 433 5657 or send us your enquiry via our Contact page.